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Always pay attention to temperature when using light touch switch

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Some problems should be paid attention to when using light touch switch, especially in temperature control.
Cautions for using touch switch:
1. Regarding the setting of welding conditions, please proceed according to the actual batch production conditions.
2. Avoid using water soluble flux when welding because it may cause corrosion of switch.
3. If it is used beyond rated voltage, there will be the possibility of bad contact. If it is used in the above situation, please confirm it separately.
4. Please note that the circuit settings (software settings) should be combined into components according to the jump and oscillation specified by the types of switches without misoperation.
Fifth, the carbon contact point has the characteristic of changing contact resistance due to push load. When used in voltage divider circuit, etc., please use it after full confirmation.
6. The product is designed and manufactured on the premise of DC resistance load. When using other loads (inductive load (L), capacitive load (C), please confirm separately.
No cleaning. For the flat rod type, press the switch center as far as possible. For hinged structures, when pressed, the position of the axle rod will move. Please pay special attention to it.
8. If corrosive gases are produced in the surrounding material of the whole machine using the switch, it may cause bad contact and other phenomena, so please make full confirmation in advance.
9. When welding terminals, if the load is applied on the terminals, there will be loosening, deformation and deterioration of electrical characteristics due to different conditions. Please pay attention to the use.
10. Attention should not be paid to long-term continuous use near the upper and lower limits of the temperature range. Please note that all environmental tests should be carried out within the product specifications specified in the operating conditions.
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